Sunday, May 15, 2011

Always - excerpts

Rick blew out a sigh. “I’ll leave him mine.” He took off his blazer, shirt and unfastened the vest. Rick’s vest was custom made and always worn under his clothes, not wanting to advertise he was wearing one.

Alex stared as his muscles rippled through his undershirt as he moved. She flushed at the thought of them sharing a bed the night before. She wondered what it would have been like to make love to Rick instead. He never would have shut her out, the way Thane had. He had matured over the years. He was tan, lean and well-muscled, like a fine thoroughbred. His eyes were the blue-green and crinkled at the corners when he smiled at her. They were both getting older. The strong jaw was offset by a mouth that looked both soft and demanding. Every time he said her name it was like a lover’s caress. She’d looked at him so many times, taken comfort in those strong arms, yet she never allowed herself to see the man beneath the cop. He was amazing. Maybe she had needed to look death in the face to really appreciate the second chance she’d been given.

Rick started to unzip his pants and tuck in his shirt when he noticed Alex staring. Their eyes met briefly and he saw something new in her expression that caught him off guard. He saw desire. He turned his back and finished redressing. Maybe the moment he’d been waiting for all these years finally arrived. Now was not the time or the place for romance. What he needed from her would take time.
“Have you been working out?” Alex asked casually, a sensuous smile played across her lips.
“I need something to do when I’m not busy saving you,” he teased. He’d built up some heavy duty muscles working on his house and was shocked but pleased she had noticed.

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